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My background includes 40 years of hands on experience in the various aspects of the Hospitality industry; extended expertise in Project Management, Account Management, Resource Management, Budget Management and Time Management; I am proficient in identifying, analyzing, and implementing strategic objectives.

I have consistently contributed my business development skills, whilst motivating team members and juggling multiple projects; A Persuasive communicator with unsurpassed interpersonal skills; Focusing on business imperatives is a core value of mine, one that I bring to every project on which I work.

Where growth is a stimulus, thereof young blood is an ever-present necessity. Present-day hospitality demands thrift and energy to deliver guest satisfaction coupled with precision and excellence.

Armed with a passion for the profitable development of this industry, I am a young man who has progressed in this sector with obsessive haste, accumulating in an effervescent 7 years distinction in Travel and Tourism Management, Tour Operating and topping it all off with a Masters Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management, specialised in Mozambique.

These in-depth studies with a Mozambican tourism industry focus propelled me into this field armed with an extra bat; knowledge of excellent product and service.

Having fallen in love at an early age, I dedicated all my free time and university holidays to learning more and more about the improvement of people services, mainly through the experience of working at various service outlets to bolster my confidence in best-quality service.

To note, I have held positions of responsibility at five-star hotels in Maputo, and currently lead a newly opened four star act in Inhambane, where the best is yet to come in tourism development.

From reception work to translating for political delegations; from beach motels to five-star conferencing, part-time to full-time, pay-rolled and self-employed and peaking with event management for foreign television channels, my all-round personality in the hospitality & tourism and events industries and service industry makes proficiency, reliability and consistency ALL part of an achievable package.

With over 20 years dedicated to the hospitality industry, I have a commitment to development and growth in the industry. I have extensive kitchen and management experience with an all rounder attitude towards the industry.

My diverse experience in an array of properties around the world allow me the opportunity to be able to asses both local food and beverage trends as well as local skills in order to identify areas that are or will be impacted.

With my training skills I can assist of setting up development programs that would help achieve the goals necessary to create an all round experience. I feel heavily committed to the development of local skills as well as fusing local and international talents in order to provide the growth in the industry worldwide.

An accomplished Manager with over 15 years experience in all aspects of business management.

My approach is structured and goals driven, I take great pride in my people skills which I have developed to a high standard through extensive experience managing people at all levels from different cultural backgrounds in a variety of sectors.

I have made a positive impact on performance in all the positions I have held to date.

The USP Team have been working together for over 10 years in the various entertainment offerings including water parks, climbing walls, restaurants and full food and beverage operations, business management, strategic property development, consulting, business strategies, feasibility studies, marketing (traditional and social), and we pride ourselves on customer service.

We’re driven by adding the edge to your business. The edge that brings new faces through the door – and gives them a reason to come back again!

I see each project or property as a living entity that deserves its own unique attention and signature. This is what I feel makes the hospitality experience unique as well as addictive.

Mr. Rajan began his career in I.T. industry from 1993, joined Micros Clinic as Trainee Engineer. Due to the strong knowledge in the I.T. products, he was promoted as Territory Manager for South Delhi region in India.  1997 joined Pinnacle computer LLC Dubai as senior Engineer, handled major projects and installation of servers and network products.

Mr. Rajan joined Hospitality Industry by 1999, at Sheraton Doha Hotel and Convention center as System Supervisor. He showed great interest on hotel I.T. infrastructure and actively involved in Y2K Project and completed successfully.  In year 2000 Mr. Rajan been promoted and transferred to Sheraton Jumeirah Hotel as I.T. Manager, Later by 2003 he joined TMS ComTelco as Regional Technical consultant for Middle East, Africa and Indian Ocean. Being a Regional Technical consultant he gained immense experience on Hospitality Industry.

Mr. Rajan joined Sheraton Kampala Hotel by 2008 as Director of I.T. who actively providing consistent technology that enhances the hotel operations and the business needs. Mr. Rajan accomplish with global technology initiatives, leveraging emerging technologies like the internet and e-business platforms and maintaining an aggressive focus on the most  cost effective and strategic I.T.-enabled solutions to help drive EBITDA and revenue growth for the hotel.

Mr. Rajan is certified with Cisco, Microsoft, Novel products and he has also attended various trainings, courses and seminars in the I.T. sector for the Hospitality industry. And maintaining an aggressive focus on the most cost effective and strategic I.T.-enabled solutions to help drive EBITDA and revenue growth for the hotel.

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Sven is an international Hotel and Multi-Site Manager with over 24 years’ experience, leading high performance teams and successfully increasing productivity and reducing costs.

He is currently Director of Operations & Development for HRH and Newco Hospitality,

Sven can always be relied on to work effectively,  driving company strategy and delivering value-adding solutions to promote growth, profit, and a positive organisational identity.

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